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electric displacement (electric flux density)

Symbol D. A quantity introduced in classical electromagnetism that describes the electric field due to external or free charges, as opposed to the polarization charge induced by the presence of the field itself. Electric displacement is defined as

D = Î{TAG(tag=>sub)}0{TAG}E + P = ÎE,

where E is the electric field strength, P is the polarization, Î{TAG(tag=>sub)}0{TAG} is the permittivity of free space, and e is the permittivity. Outside a dielectric, the displacement is just a recasting of the electric field in different units, corresponding to multiplication by the fundamental constant Î{TAG(tag=>sub)}0{TAG}.In a dielectric, given that P = xÎ{TAG(tag=>sub)}0{TAG}E(where x is the susceptibility of the dielectric), we can define permittivity e such that

Î = Î{TAG(tag=>sub)}0{TAG}(1 + χ).



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